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Women's Wellness Retreat September 13-15 2024



The Country Room

This September retreat takes place in beautiful Paradise Valley lodge in Rotorua. Nestled in between paddocks, native forest and a beautiful stream, it is the ideal place to recharge and re-connect with yourself.
This retreat is a women's wellness retreat, focusing on finding calm and tranquility in our normally busy lives. Sunrise yoga, breathwork and a Pilates are on the schedule. We will also enjoy a cold immersion in the nearby stream, followed by a hot spa. We will also enjoy either a dance or HIIT class, for those who like to get their heart rate up a bit!
There are also opportunities to book in a lovely full-body massage, there will be deep tissue clinical massage or relaxation massage on offer. Or why not try a beautiful facial? (at additional cost). 
As always at Scandi Wellness Retreat, the focus is on Soul Space; the time to re-connect with ourselves. There are plenty of solo-activities to explore, like painting, journaling, reading, vision boards & going for nature walks. 
The delicious and nutritious food is cooked onsite. With fresh seasonal ingredients and mostly free from gluten and dairy. You will leave this weekend feeling absolutely recharged and energised.

Payment plans are available, just tick bank transfer and make a note for me to contact you, and we will work something out. 

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