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Health Coaching for Women in New Zealand

At Scandi Health Coaching NZ we start with a non-obligatory discovery call, to see if we are the right fit for each other. We will map out your unique life situation and work out the changes you like to make and make a plan.

We will then discuss your timeline and costs, which may vary depending on your goals. Hopefully from there we will continue to work together. Regardless, you will leave with more clarity about next steps towards your life goals. 

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How does it work?

Curious about the process? Here's a glimpse into how we make progress together:

  1. Discovery Session: Start with a complimentary discovery session. We get to know each other and explore your goals.

  2. Tailored Sessions: We'll have weekly or bi-weekly sessions, either in-person or On-line, for around 60 minutes each. Our engagement typically spans 6 weeks to 6 months, depending on the objectives.

  3. Progress and Accountability: During each session, we review your advancements and set goals. Together, we implement your personalised Action Plan, and I'm here to hold you accountable every step of the way.

  4. Focused Attention: Our one-on-one meetings offer you undivided attention. It's a safe space for you to discuss your challenges, strategize solutions, and celebrate wins.

  5. Support on Your Journey: Change can be tough, especially when you're tackling it alone. But remember, you're not alone in this journey. With my guidance and support, achieving your desired outcome becomes much more attainable.

  6. Belief in Coaching: I believe in the power of individual coaching. In just a few months, we can make significant progress because our focus is entirely on your unique needs.

Embark on this journey with a partner who's dedicated to your growth. Let's work together to bring your aspirations to life.

What can I expect to get out of coaching?

With coaching, you can expect to feel better, which is what all of us really want in the end. Your mental and emotional well-being will skyrocket. You will experience a major shift in your confidence as you go after what you want. Your relationships will improve. You won’t be triggered as much or ride emotional roller coasters that you can’t get off. 
Expect to have more peace, more certainty, more results, and a life you choose rather than a default life. You become the architect of your own life.


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