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Corporate Wellness

Scandi Health Coaching NZ: Your Partner in Workplace Wellness

With an impressive 16 years of experience in the corporate health and wellness sector, Scandi Health Coaching NZ is your dedicated resource for tailored solutions that perfectly fit your workplace's requirements.

Elevating health and well-being directly contribute to greater accomplishments. Our belief in sustainable health and lifestyle means that individuals can effectively manage their work responsibilities while still reserving ample energy and enthusiasm for a fulfilling and harmonious life beyond the workplace. This isn't just about the present moment – it's about building a future of sustained vitality.

A thriving workplace embraces a comprehensive approach to health encompassing the physical, organizational, and social facets. In the current intensely competitive landscape, businesses must stand out by being pioneers in providing a holistic, appealing work environment. Health and wellness have proven to be powerful magnets for prospective employees, making your organization more attractive. The rewards of investing in corporate wellness are vividly seen in amplified productivity and heightened market competitiveness.

Is your team grappling with stress and burnout? Do they display signs of fatigue and diminished motivation? Have you observed a dip in their engagement and overall output? Scandi Health Coaching brings its expertise to your workplace, designed around your schedule and convenience. We present both individual and group coaching sessions, aligned with your precise workplace needs.

Unleash the potential of your team through wellness. Let Scandi Health Coaching NZ guide you in crafting a healthier, more vibrant, and more productive workforce.

NEW - Corporate Wellness Retreat

Say goodbye to the usual office holiday festivities and embrace a fresh approach with our rejuvenating Corporate Retreats. Transform your team's experience by swapping out the traditional Christmas party for a full day of wellness and connection.

Corporate Wellness Packages

Lifestyle seminars and workshops

Scandi Health Coaching NZ offers seminars and workshops in a wide range of health related topics, including diet & nutrition, exercise & movement, stress & sleep etc. Scandi pride ourselves to educate and motivate individuals with real life experience and backed up with the latest science. Contact us to discuss different options and packages.

An interactive workshop with Scandi is a great way of rewarding your staff, and get them together at the same time as they'll learn about their health and wellness.

Group and individual health coaching

Scandi Health coaching NZ is focused on helping to inspire and advise someone on how they can make better choices in support of their wellness goals. A corporate health coach can help reduce cost of absenteeism, and can positively contribute to performance and productivity.

Who would benefit from health coaching? 

  • They want to eat better and get fit
  • They want to lose weight and keep it off
  • They want to lower their blood pressure, blood sugar, and other key biometrics
  • They want to drink less alcohol
  • They want to break negative patterns and habits, and replace them with healthy ones
  • They want to live a happier and healthier life, for longer.

Wellness checks

Comprehensive and efficient 30min wellness checks per staff member. This involves biometric screening (blood pressure, glucose, cholesterol, weight, waist circumference, grip strength, fitness test), wellness questionnaire and motivational coaching.

This is followed by a thorough analysis of the collected data, a tailored wellness plan with suggestions and ideas for a healthier workplace.

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With a background as a certified health coach, personal trainer, human nutrition researcher, cert. massage therapist, ergonomic assessor, manual handling and health check facilitator - Scandi Health Coaching is a one-stop-shop for all your workplace wellness needs. 
It has been a couple of tough years for most businesses in New Zealand. A great way of showing your staff appreciation for their loyalty, is taking them away on a wellness retreat. We can tailor-make a retreat involving mindfulness, yoga or breath-work exercises, or team building exercises to help recreate that joy and spark. All whilst staying in a serene environment and enjoying gorgeous seasonal food, freshly cooked onsite.

One day or overnight stays are available.


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