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The role of toxins in our homes - and what to do to avoid them

A few years ago, when I first learnt about free radicals and antioxidants, I embarked on a journey of replacing a lot of the everyday items in our home. It was hard at the start to use the natural cleaning and washing products, as I didn't think it smelled "clean". But then I discovered Essential Oils (or re-discovered really, as I spent a lot of time using them as a teenager). Just add a few drops of lemon, orange, peppermint or eucalyptus and everything smells fresh! These days a lot of t...

November 8, 2022

The importance of Magnesium

Magnesium is a nutrient the body needs to stay healthy. Magnesium is important for many processes in the body, including regulating muscle and nerve function, blood sugar levels, and blood pressure and making protein, bone, and DNA.Many people in our Western world aren't getting enough Magnesium from their diet alone. Common foods like sugar and caffeine depletes our body's magnesium levels.  ...

November 1, 2022

Suffer from inflammation? These are the foods to avoid

I normally try to encourage my clients to add healthy foods to their diet, rather than removing foods. However, when it comes to inflammation, there's really no way around it. If you feed your body inflammatory foods, you're going to make an existing inflammation worse and could even be the reason it's there in the first place.Now, what do I mean with inflammation? Inflammation occurs when inflammatory cells travel to the place of an injury or foreign body like bacteria. If inflammator...

October 18, 2022

Having a glass of wine each night?

I thoroughly enjoyed doing a talk/coaching session for the staff at SwipedOn today. It's been a while since I did corporate events, all the mask wearing and restrictions made it a bit difficult. My sessions are very interactive, I do educate, but I also put a lot of emphasis on the individual and goal setting.  The best thing is when we get a great discussion going. One of the best discussions today was about alcohol, and the detrimental effects it can have on sleep. Did you know that ...

September 28, 2022

The best foods to heal inflammation

When we talk about inflammation, it's a very broad term. If a person is feeling sluggish, tired, IBS-symptoms, headaches, lower immunity etc. it is always a good idea to try out an anti-inflammatory diet, to see if any of the symptoms go away before going for pharmaceuticals. On the contrary a lot of the meds recommended for these symptoms, could well have the opposite effect.  ...

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